Diatomaceous Earth Dust

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Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic natural substance. It’s made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. 

Diatomaceous earth is rich in silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, gallium, and other amazing trace elements.  Though present in small amounts, Diatomaceous earth, when consumed, can offer a multitude of benefits for your dog!

Diatomaceous earth is deadly to any insect, yet completely harmless to animals. It can kill fleas, ticks, lice or mites on your dog.

Kill Fleas Naturally

Fleas are little blood-sucking parasites that parasitize dogs and cats

Parasites are essentially worms that invade our intestinal tract, heart, or lungs. Parasites in pets often cause anemia, lethargy, and loss of body condition. So, a dog with a heavy parasite burden is sure to suffer in the long run, if not treated well.

Use Directly on the Coat

Diatomaceous earth benefits can include:

  • improving your pets skeletal system
  • stronger joints, claws, teeth, and bones
  • decreasing inflammation
  • preventing or reducing parasite burdens (Yes! this includes external parasites too)
  • improving your pet’s skin and coat!
  • controlling weight problems
  • eliminating fatty tumors
  • stronger immune function
  • electrolyte balance
  • controlling that stinky dog odor!


  •  Using gloves and a face mask, liberally dust diatomaceous earth powder all around your carpet. But, before doing so, make sure you properly vacuum your house and clean any linens your pet may have come into contact with. Ideally, it’s recommended that you leave the powder on the carpets for 3 to 4 days before you re-vacuum and re-apply.


  • Now for the fun part! Using the fine food grade powder, lightly sprinkle the diatomaceous earth onto your pet’s fur. You can use either a salt shaker or your hands to spread the powder. Alternatively, you can comb the powder into your dog’s fur. Remember to do this all outside!

Dosage Internally - Consult your Vet prior to use

Internally in dogs, give these amounts:

  • Small dogs and puppies: 1/2 tsp per day in food
  • Medium to Large dogs: 1/2 to 1 tsp per day in food

It’s important to remember that Diatomaceous earth is not a cure-all miracle powder. 


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