What is Dental Disease?


  • Unfortunately 80% of Dogs & 70% of Cats between 2-3 years of age develop Tartar buildup and the start of gum disease. 
  • Mouths are full of bacteria and when not treated creates a biofilm, slimy bacteria.
  • This biofilm turns into plaque over a short period of time. 
  • Plaque then hardens into Tartar which can only be scraped of with professional dental tools. 
  • The reason why many dogs need a professional clean is when there is a medium to heavy tartar buildup. It grows under the gum line, causing gum recession and bone loss.
  • You cannot just brush Tartar off !!
  • The best way to prevent expensive Vet Teeth Cleaning is to look after their Teeth from a young age. Starting at 6 months or earlier is best.
  • Teeth brushing, dental sprays, seaweed powder in food, Raw Meaty Bones, organic coconut oil are all great ways to help keep your Dog's Teeth Clean. 

AVOID : Rawhide, plastic bones, weight bearing bones from cattle ( they will fracture teeth) processed dental treats, dry foods (kibble) and too many pet snacks!!

Many Veterinarians insist on a General Anesthetic or Sedation to perform a Dental Clean. This is not always necessary if you prevent the Tartar Calcification from building up to a high level

Start young, add a Natural Non Surgical Dental Clean & Scale to your Dog's yearly routine, and avoid costly Dental Surgery later in life.

Use organic products for dental care & brush your Dog's Teeth daily or minimum 3 times a week.

Pet's are our family,  our children, so help them avoid painful Gum Disease , Tooth loss and look after their Teeth. 

Before humans made pet food in a can or box, we fed our Pet's natural Foods, meat scraps, bones etc. Food for Thought!

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