Cat Dental Butterfly - Loofah for Cats

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Your Cat will love to sink their teeth into this Loofah Butterfly dental toy!

Not only will your Cat love to chew on this toy, the Loofah Butterfly offers natural dental floss which improves your cat's teeth cleaning and gum health.

This Loofah Butterfly is meant to be shredded, that is how the teeth cleaning magic happens. Shredding times varies by Cat

Made from 100% natural Loofah Plant and natural dye. It's safe for consumption, but intended as a Cat teeth cleaning, dental toy.

Best used with our Dental Spray for extra teeth cleaning power!!

Size - Approx 9cm x 8cm 

  • 100% Natural Vegetable Loofah plant.
  • Natural Dye.
  • Solid Loofah toy, no stuffing inside.
  • Non Toxic - For Shredding & Flossing.
  • Safe to Eat - Not intended for Consumption.