Hemp Seed & Flaxseed Oil

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Our 100% Natural Cold pressed Hemp and Flaxseed oil is a true superior health supplement.

Sourced from our Adelaide friends, this oil is extremely pure. Cold pressed to maintain the nutrients and provide the highest quality oil.

Hemp oil is not the same as cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The production of CBD oil uses the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant, which contain a higher concentration of CBD, another potentially beneficial compound in the plant.

Hemp seed oil comes from the small seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds do not contain the same levels of compounds as the plant itself, but they still have a rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds.

Full-spectrum hemp oil that also contains plant matter may add other effective compounds, which may help with certain health issues, such as inflammation. 

 Shake before use - store in fridge or a cool place

100ml & 50ml size


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