Pet Dental Spray

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Especially formulated for Dogs/Cats Teeth and Gums.

Treats Mild to Severe Gingivitis and provides Natural Antibacterial & Antiseptic care to the Mouth. Freshens the breath. 

Kills Bacteria which forms Biofilm which when left on tooth surface becomes plaque. Plaque hardens into Tartar which builds up on Teeth Surface & Gums.

* Directions - Spray once each side of mouth along gum lines paying attention to the back Molar area of mouth OR spray directly onto cotton pad and wipe gently over Teeth & Gums 

This is not to be added to drinking water

50ml or 100ml size. Use only as Directed - Store away from Sunlight

Use within 3 months of opening

Alcohol Free

Ingredients: Chlorhexadine 2% Dilution,  Distilled Water, Essential Peppermint Oil, Fractionated Organic Coconut Oil 

An Excellent product, that even Humans can use for oral hygiene. 

* Best used after a Professional Teeth clean to maintain oral Hygiene and prevent Tartar from building back up.


Developed by Dr Cesar Vargas


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