Natural Dental Products


It’s one thing to get a Dental Clean professionally, but how do you keep them clean after spending your money?  Use these products daily or minimum 3 x per week for best results.

Pet Teeth Clean

Our Toothpaste will help kill bacteria which causes Tartar buildup on the Teeth and Gums.

Use daily with teeth brushing you should be able to prevent expensive Vet Bills and the need for Sedation with Dental Cleaning.

Tartar grows back within 24 hours once removed so using our products regularly will give you the best result.


Create a routine with your Dog - try to make it fun and positive!!

Touch their face and mouth area for a few moments before lifting up the lip on each side of their mouth and rub/brush gently along the teeth and gums.

Your dog may react the first time, but keep up the routine and always praise and reward afterwards – They do love the taste!!

Made with Organic MCT Coconut Oil,  Turmeric, Clove & Peppermint Oil all sourced from Australia.